Social Responsibility

To be a good neighbor to the communities surrounding its facilities, Eucatex develops social initiatives and supports the development of local communities, with a priority placed on assisting NGOs that help children and teens.

One of the main projects developed by Eucatex is the Environmental Education Program, which for more than two decades has already conducted over 800 visits and received over 27,000 visitors. The program targets students at public schools located in the cities neighboring its forests to provide them with information on a variety of environmental topics, such as biodiversity, recycling, forest fires and soil conservation, while raising awareness on the importance of conserving natural resources.

To be able to carry out these actions safely and comfortably and in a way that complies with its environmental policy, in 2000, the Company created a space to host the program’s educational activities called Casa da Natureza (Nature’s Home), which is located on the Santa Terezinha Farm in Bofete, São Paulo. The program has partnerships with the municipal governments of Bofete, Anhembi, Acaré, Salto and Botucatu and serves primarily teachers and students in public schools. Occasionally the program receives students from vocational programs and universities, employees and nature conservancy groups, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and NGOs.

The program’s objectives include developing and disseminating information on environmental preservation, the importance of properly managing planted forests and helping to train the educators supported by the program to prepare them to work with environmental issues both in and outside school. The Casa da Natureza home was prepared to provide visitors with an overview of the region’s ecosystem, its geographic characteristics, the local fauna and flora, the relevance of eucalyptus as a raw material for various forest-based products and its contribution to creating jobs and income for local communities. Visitors can also tour Eucatex’s Seedling Nursery.

Other activities include interpretative trails that pass through stretches of planted forest and explain the forest management system adopted by the Company, as well as through stretches of natural reserve that are rich in natural springs and biodiversity.

In addition to the Environmental Education Program, the Company also carries out actions to promote the practice of social responsibility, such as food drives for donating to organizations, maintaining an open dialogue with its registered NGOs and making available bee pastures to beekeepers in the regions where its forestry units are located.

Another important issue for Eucatex is its concern with the quality of life of its employees, for which it organizes campaigns and events to raise awareness on diseases, preventive vaccination drives, and lectures on STDs and chemical dependency. As part of the prevention program, it also conducts annual examinations and offers professional guidance.

Contract management is another activity of great importance to the Company. Its efforts on this front aim to minimize labor liabilities, control turnover and monitor the tax situations of its service providers to ensure compliance with labor rights.