Forest Management

  • Planning for sustainable timber production based on the consumption of the production facilities and the monitoring of forest development;
  • Genetic improvement program that selects the material to be produced that will effectively meet Eucatex’s industrial needs in terms of both quantity and quality;
  • Producing eucalyptus seedlings to meet the annual forest development program;
  • Defining management units for the planting of eucalyptus and for maintaining natural reserve areas based on soil, weather and topographic conditions;
  • Monitoring and controlling pests and diseases with a focus on the rational use of pesticides;
  • Monitoring the nutritional needs of the forests to optimize resources and adequately apply nutrients (supply and replacement);
  • Conserving the properties, maintaining the headquarters, roads and clearings, conserving the soil, and preventing and controlling wildfires; and
  • Adopting timber harvest and transport practices that ensure the sustainable supply of Eucatex’s production facilities.