Export Market

Eucatex has been exporting products for over 60 years, among which wood fiberboards, its main export product. Fiberboard surfaces are treated for application of high-quality paintbased or resin-based paper finishing, allowing them to be used in the construction and furniture industries.

Eucatex’s fiberboards are produced from a wet lap process using eucalyptus wood only. This type of raw material production provides panels with distinguished features in terms of resistance and surface quality, which, combined with the Company’s tradition in the international market, allows great penetration in developed countries, such as the United States, Germany, Austria, France, as well as in some regions in Africa, Middle East, South and Central America and Australia. In order to meet the demand of the Unites States, its main market, Eucatex has a subsidiary in Atlanta, Eucatex North America (ENA).

In recent years, the Company has invested to reduce costs, improve quality and tailor its products to the market’s requirements, making them even more competitive abroad. Eucatex also has partnerships with large foreign companies, among which Home Depot, to supply its products, such as tile boards, which simulate tiles and are largely used in the U.S., as well as perforated boards and the traditionally exported products (door covers and standard boards).