Eucatex’s Officers and Directors are its legal representatives with full powers to administer and manage the corporate businesses and perform all acts related to the Company’s business, including, but not limited to, taken out loans, waive rights and compromise, tender guarantees, sureties and guarantees, acquire, mortgage and, encumber the Company’s assets, with due regard for the provisions set forth by the Company’s By-Laws.

Pursuant to Eucatex’s By-Laws, the Board of Executive Officers and the Board of Directors may define additional duties and powers to any Officer, and all of them must perform the duties established thereby, in addition to the obligation to support the Chief Executive Officer in all duties attributed thereto. Officers and/or Attorneys-in-fact are further incumbent upon the hiring and dismissal of employees, if the powers therefore are delegated by the Chief Executive Officer of Vice-Chief Executive Officer.

The Company may be solely represented by any Officer or Attorney-in-fact in the performance of regular management acts.

Pursuant to Eucatex’s By-Laws, in the absence of the C.E.O. or Vice-C.E.O, the Board of Executive Officers may appoint one or more attorneys-in-fact to represent the Company in court. In the event of vacancy, temporary impairment or absence of the C.E.O., Vice-C.E.O. and the Vice-C.E.O., on a concurrent basis, the respective duties shall be performed by the Board of Executive Officers, for the term of absence or impairment of such three (3) officers or until the holding of the next Board of Directors’ meeting.



Directors Function Election Date End of Mandate
Flavio Maluf Chief Executive Officer 03/24/2020 March/2023
Flavio Maluf. Mr. Flávio Maluf earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanics Engineering at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, FAAP – SP, with specialization course in i) Management People – Citibank ii) Accounting for non-accountants, Peat Marwick ii) Rural Management – EASP – FGV iv) Foreign Exchange Principles, New York University, v) Foreign Trade Principles –EASP – FGV. Before joining Eucatex, Mr. Flavio Maluf worked: i) at Sistema S.A. Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários and ii) Citibank N.A., New York. Currently, he is head of the Board of Executive Officers and Vice-Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. He is also Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex.
Otavio Maluf Vice-Chairman 03/24/2020 March/2023
Otavio Maluf. Mr. Otavio Maluf earned his bachelor’s degree in Economic Science at Faculdade Metropolitanas Unidas, FMU – SP; with specialization and extension courses in the following areas: i) Marketing Management at EASP – FGV ii) accounting for non-accountants, Price White House Coopers ;iii) accounting principles and mechanisms, Price White House Coopers; iv) Marketing Training and Development, ESPM – SP. Before joining Eucatex, he was i) trainee at Masonite-USA ii) Champion Portland – USA iii) Hormitex – Germany iv) Boyse Cascade, Phillips and International Fall – USA. He held a management position at Eucatex. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice-Chairman of the Company’s Board of Executive Officers.
José Antonio Goulart de Carvalho Executive Vice-President and Investor’s Relations Officer 03/24/2020 March/2023
José Antonio Goulart de Carvalho. Mr. Jose Antonio Goulart de Carvalho completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanic Engineer at Escola de Engenharia Mauá; specialization course in Business Administration – FGV. He worked as: i) Senior Adviser at Ernest & Young; ii) Adviser and Associate Officer at Grupo Matarazzo; iii) Vice-C.E.O. of Mergers and Acquisitions Department – ING BANK; iv) Partner Officer of Pagina Distribuidora de Papeis; and v) Investments Officer at Farminvest Ltda. He joined Eucatex as Vice-C.E.O. and Investors Relations Officer.
Genildo de Brito Chief Legal Officer 08/25/2020 March/2023
Genildo de Brito. Mr. Genildo de Brito holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes, a postgraduate degree in business law from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas-FMU and a specialization in tax law from the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law-IBET. In addition to the Eucatex Group, he worked as a lawyer at Cukier and Santher.
Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro Controller 08/25/2020 March/2023
Sergio Henrique Ribeiro. Mr. Sergio Henrique Ribeiro has a degree in Accounting from FEAO and in Law from Faditu, studied Master in Business Administration at Universidade Mackenzie, MBA in Controllership – FIPECAFI (FEA / USP) and Post-Graduation in Finance from Unisantana, in addition to several specialization / updating courses in the Financial and Accounting areas. He held several positions in the Controllership area at the Company and also at Spiraflex Ltda (Goodyear Group) and Prosasco S/A.