Eucatex Recycling Program

Always on the lookout for actions that can help preserve the environment and especially forests, Eucatex believes that most of the wood waste generated by production processes can be reused without polluting the environment. It is with this in mind that the Company created the Eucatex Recycling Program, in which any company that generates wood waste can participate after an economic and technical feasibility analysis is conducted, based on the quality, volume and location of the waste.

The wood waste can be collected in dumpsters and transported to the Eucatex unit in Salto, São Paulo for processing. Under the standard agreement, Eucatex provides one or more dumpsters, which are placed on the premises of the participating company for the disposal of wood waste. The dumpsters are replaced on a regular basis. The Company also undertakes to properly use all of the materials collected.

The benefits of the Eucatex Recycling Program represent an opportunity for companies seeking an environmentally friendly alternative for the disposal of their wood waste that complies with quality and/or environmental management certifications.

The Eucatex Recycling Program uses wood waste to generate power and has the following objectives:

  • Using biomass (a renewable energy source) to generate electricity, a technology that is more economical and has lower environment impacts than burning diesel oil or natural gas;
  • Environmental responsibility, by raising awareness among its partners, who no longer have to dispose of their waste in landfills or deserted properties; and
  • Social responsibility, by forming partnerships with cooperatives and with the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE), which receive benefits in proportion to the volumes collected.

The types of materials that can be recycled include pallets (new, old, whole, broken or with nails), wood pieces (such as spools), wood scrap and construction debris.

The Eucatex Recycling Program aims to prevent tons of wood waste from being disposed of in landfills, preserve 1 million trees every year on its reforestation areas and save 15 million liters of water. All in a simple and practical way that respects nature.