Environmental Policy

With a well-structured environmental policy, Eucatex organizes important initiatives to foster respect for nature and humankind’s harmonious coexistence with nature.

The principles that guide Eucatex’s forestry activities and ensure the integrity of the ecosystem include:

  • Developing forests in accordance with the principle of sustainable development that mitigate environmental impacts and comply with all environmental regulations;
  • Constantly pursuing innovation and excellence in Forestry Technology, working to prevent pollution by adopting new environmental concepts and processes and forging partnerships that contribute to achieving these goals;
  • Developing environmental education programs to help protect nature and raise awareness on individual and collective responsibilities concerning the environment;
  • Ensuring, through the Environmental Management System, the resources required for enabling the Company to meet its environmental objectives and targets, and creating opportunities for continuous improvement in the environmental performance of its forestry activities; and
  • Broadly disclosing the organization’s Environmental Policy to its partners and local communities in order to strengthen and reaffirm its environmental commitment.

The Environmental Policy also covers the mapping of the state of conservation of Eucatex’s natural reserves. This survey indicates the areas to be prioritized in terms of management and preservation, with the purpose of meeting the Company’s demand for wood, while protecting the environment and the native vegetation and wildlife.