Eucatex S.A. Indústria e Comércio (“Eucatex” or “Company ”) was founded in 1951 and soon became the first company to consider environmental and acoustic comfort, producing and selling ceiling and insulation boards made from eucalyptus fiber. These low-density boards with thermal and acoustic insulation are widely accepted in the Brazilian construction market. In the late 60s and early 70s, the funds generated by operations were allocated to the implementation of hardboard production lines (high-density wood fiberboard), still a flagship product. In 2018, Eucatex carried out an asset swap transaction with Duratex, thus increasing its production capacity. As a result, the Company became the largest producer of wood fiberboard in Brazil.

In 1996, Eucatex began producing MDP panels and currently holds a market share of 13% in Brazil in this segment. The Company is the leader in the domestic market of partition panels and has strong presence in the doors and floors market.

In 2010, the new T-HDF/MDF Unit, installed in the Salto (SP) Plant, began producing cuttingedge mechanical resistant panels for the manufacturing of floors, doors and partition panels.

Eucatex’s industrial development has always been accompanied by the growth of its planted forest, which guarantees the supply of eucalyptus wood, an important raw material.

Despite being traditionally known for the production of wood fiberboard, MDF and T-HDF panels and byproducts, Eucatex also has a fully integrated production line that  anufactures paints and vanishes for its own consumption and for sale. The Company has two state-of-theart plants: one in Salto (SP), inaugurated in 1995, and the other in Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE), inaugurated in 2015.

The Company’s main operating segments are furniture and resale, accounting for 46% of its revenue, and construction, accounting for 38%.