Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been prepared to assure the Company’s commitment to information security and privacy of all data collected from users when they access the interactive services available here.

Investors and analysts may visit this website to know the services the Company offers, read reports, obtain information and news, without having to give or submit personal information. Should the user need to provide personal information, this policy addresses and explains how such information is collected and handled

We recommend that this policy be constantly read, because it is subject to alterations without previous notice:

  1. All information submitted by users are collected and kept using the highest and most strict standards of security and confidentiality.
  2. Personal information forwarded to the Company by users shall be legally and ethically collected, and it may have one or more purposes, and user shall be informed of such purposes.
  3. Users shall be informed what information is being collected, before it is actually transmitted or collected, leaving the user the option of choice to provide or omit such information, leaving such decision entirely up to the user, and user shall also be informed of consequences of his/her decision.
  4. Unless the Company receives a court order or a legal request, information shall never be transferred or transmitted to third parties or used for purposes different than those intended at the time of the collection.
  5. Access to collected information is restricted to authorized employees that need to properly use such information. Employees that violate this Privacy Policy are subject to internal disciplinary actions.
  6. The Company shall maintain the integrity of the information provided by visitors and users.
  7. This website contains hyperlinks or frames of other partners and associated parties of the Company. Such hyperlinks and frames are made available exclusively to provide an additional benefit for its users. It is important to reiterate that the inclusion of these hyperlinks and frames do not mean that the Company knows, agrees, endorses or is responsible in any way for their respective content and material, and therefore Company shall not be held responsible for eventual losses or damages incurred as a result of using or accessing such frames or hyperlinks.
  8. Whenever other businesses or companies are hired to render supporting services, they shall be obligated to adjust and adequate to the same standards of privacy and security used by the Company.
  9. For administrative purposes, the Company may eventually use “cookies” (*), and the user may, at anytime, activate in his/her browser mechanisms to inform him/her when cookies have been activated or deactivated.

Further important information about the terms and conditions for using this website are available on Conditions of Use.

(*) Cookie: file generated by the Internet browser used by the user that stores browsing information of any website.